The world’s first expandable plug-&-play vehicle telematics platform

Geotab GO7 stacked

With an installed base of over 300,000 vehicles, Geotab is the ultimate plug and play telematics system aimed at insurance companies, lease rental providers and large fleets.

Built on a scaleable platform designed to handle millions of devices. Feature-rich API’s provide data from simple GPS through to advanced engine diagnostics, driver behaviour and accident notifications, directly into your own systems.

The tiny but powerful Geotab unit can be self-installed and auto-configured in seconds, providing a cost-effective solution for large fleets. It provides instant in-cab driver feedback and integrates with on-board systems and devices.

  • Comprehensive track, trace and journey information
  • Road speeds
  • Odometer
  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • Risk management
  • Driver behaviour and scoring
  • Fuel reports
  • Instant accident notification
  • Granular pre-accident data
  • No-fault incident identification

Driver Safety Management

Transforming the Way You Think About Safety

RiskRisk & Safety Report and Driver Ratings

Designed with next-generation safety technology, you can gain incredible insight into on-road behaviour with Geotab. Risk and safety scores assigned to individual drivers and based on key indicators – speeding, seatbelt usage, harsh braking, sharp corner turns, over acceleration, after-hours vehicle use.

In-Vehicle CoachingIn-Vehicle Driver Coaching

Making it easy for drivers to immediately improve their on-road driving behaviour, in-vehicle audible alerts notify drivers of unsafe or potentially risky driving events. Once the driver has corrected his or her driving behaviour, such as reduction in speed, the interactive in-vehicle alerts will stop beeping, ensuring the development of safe driving behaviours.

SeatbeltEnsuring Seatbelt Usage

Along with a world of other advanced safety feature options, Geotab’s platform makes it possible to ensure drivers are wearing their seatbelts. An automatic driver and passenger seatbelt detection feature reminds drivers to put their seatbelt on. This unique Geotab feature not only reduces the potential for driver injuries, but also ensures compliance with the law and fleet safety initiatives.

Driving in ReverseDriving in Reverse

Did you know that vehicle in-reverse activities are one of the main causes of parking accidents? Geotab’s patented technology identifies vehicle inreverse motions to alert drivers and advise them to be extra cautious during this activity in order to reduce the likelihood of a costly event from occurring. Geotab has created management rules to help ensure drivers back-in to parking spots.

Accident NotificationsInstant Accident Notifications

From immediate notifications to detailed second-by-second reports, Geotab’s patented recording algorithm empowers you to take timely action steps in the event of an accident. Through in-depth data reporting you can immediately see what occurred within the last 30 seconds leading up to the accident. If a vehicle has been hit while parked, Geotab’s unique recording technology can help prove no-fault to the insurance provider.